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Yvonne Kydd is a Saskatchewan born artist renowned for her detail and quality of artwork. She specializes in prairie landscapes, and captures the beauty of the land with the stroke of a paintbrush. Yvonne is being recognized around the country for her art.

In addition to being featured on many corporate calendars, Yvonne had a display of her paintings tour Saskatchewan in 1992 with Association Des Artistes De La Saskatchewan in an exhibition entitled "Réflexions/Reflections". She was asked to do a painting entitled "Perfect View", for presentation to corporate business sponsors, and to the cast members of the 1995 Telemiracle.

Yvonne was commissioned by the Saskatchewan Government to do a pen and ink collage of eight historical Land Titles Buildings located within the province. Other successful projects for the artist were the Davin School, Balfour Collegiate, Campion College, Marian High School and beautiful Knox Metropolitan United Church.

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YWCA 2005
Women of Distinction Nominee Yvonne Kydd

"To recognize women who have achieved excellence in, or made significant contribution to the performance, development, preservation or patronage of the visual, literary, performing or creative arts."

YWCA Regina

"When I walked into the booth there was such feeling. I looked at the pictures and could imagine myself back in time."

Irene Baran

"We so enjoyed seeing you last Friday, Yvonne.  Your yard and the art were beautiful - such an unusual and creative way to display your talents! "

Margaret Dodson

Canadian Prairie Artist
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